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A Different Type of Mystery Novel

Most mystery novels are concerned with the who, how, and why of a murder.  But the mystery in my next book is a bit stranger than that.

Based on a computer game that is being created at the same time, it is a tale of a lost civilization, a hidden valley, and a gateway to other worlds.

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First Steampunk Novel is in Content Editing Phase

Well the first Steam punk novel is currently being edited for content.  I completed the first draft a while ago, but my content editor is having eye surgery for cataracts.  While she is recovering quickly, I thought it might be kind to wait on my book until she can actually see again.

The story is the first in a series, open ended for the moment, which is another way of saying I don’t know when I’ll decide it is finished.  I’ve been reading a lovely book by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller called Partners in Necessity.  It is three books out of their Liaden Universe collection in one large volume.  I like how the characters pass from one book to another and the focus shifts from one main character to another.

I think it is a technique I might adopt for this series of books as well.  I have more characters to introduce and I think they would get a much better reception if they could be the focal point of their own books.

So this one is on the coming soon list.  Probably expect it to be hitting the shelves in January of 2015.  Might be released sooner if I can get the other two books I planned for this year off the back burner and into the editing cycle too.


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