Well the steampunk novel needs a bit of editing.  Actually, a LOT of editing.  Note to self – when writing rapidly please note that much of the stuff you are visualizing in your head NEEDS to be on the paper too.  The reader would like to be there with you.  Now, months after the first draft was done I can revisit and see all the color in my head didn’t magically bleed out onto the pages I’ve written.


OK, so I need to do a bit of work here.  No surprise.  That said, I like where the story is going and I think readers will too.  But I need to get this one polished and moving.  I’m beginning to hear increasing requests for the sequel to my first book.  Which is a bit of a surprise.  It was deliberately short and intended to help me learn the process.  I liked the story but didn’t think it would provoke much reaction from those who read it.  I was pleasantly wrong.  Almost half of those who have read it  so far have asked for the sequel.

So, I need to get this one off the “To do” list.  I just finished my third re-read and I think I have identified the places where a bit (tongue in cheek here) more color needs to be added.

Nice change, having to expand a work instead of hacking it to pieces.

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