OK, if you are just here to find out about the “free” part skip to the bottom.  I don’t mind.  If you want to know why it’s free read on.

I’m not much on marketing or advertising as my friends can tell you.  So when I told them I had an idea to give away my book for free some were pretty skeptical. (An understatement!)  But, I have an idea I’d like to try out and, if it works, I’m going to keep doing it.  That’s right, I want to keep giving some copies of my books away for free.  And I’m hoping you will help me do it by sharing this with as many people as you can on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the other social media outlets.

I would like to greatly increase the number of people who read my books.  (Yes, I have several coming out soon and I can foresee them all languishing without some way of letting people know they are there.)

For me, my first book was to understand the process or creating and publishing a book from beginning to end.  A kind of experiment if you will.  It went well, I learned a lot, and I think the books that follow will be better for the time I spent on this one.  However, I really did like the story I wrote which made the writing go a lot easier, and it is in many ways a subject which I am pretty familiar with.  Computers,, computer games, and science fiction have been a big part of my life since I was a teen.

The thing I hadn’t counted on how difficult it could be to reach the YA audience the book was intended for, and when that audience did get the book how much they would like it.  I mean, they really liked it.  As in, their mother’s coming to ask me when the next one in the series would be done, “… because he’s already read it four times” and is in pain waiting.

Man did hearing that feel good!

But, I only reached a few people in my target audience, and like most of you I like to eat.  So, in order to do this full time I need to make more money from it.  So, how does free come in?

It works like this.  Beginning next week, August 7th.  I will put up one tenth of my book on this site for free.  Each week I will add one tenth until it is all posted.  I’m going to do that until the whole book is available.  Then it will stay up for two more weeks and on Halloween – Octber 31st, 2015 it all comes down.

Special thanks to Collins Publishing for letting me try this out.

Now, if you are a patient person you can read it by going through a couple of chapters a week. If you are a quick reader you can even wait until it is all there and finish it in the last two weeks.  It’s not huge – you can do it.  I’m not going to take any of it down until October 31st.   However, if you want to, you can buy the electronic edition for a low price at any time and just finish the story at your own pace.  There is also a paper edition if you like something on your bookcase.

After October 31st it goes back on the electronic shelf and you can buy it through Amazon just the way you can now.

No catches, no gimmicks, and no ads.  The book goes up one tenth at a time beginning next week and for the following weeks until it is all available.

I think you will like the story and want to buy it because you want to find out the ending.  (Yes, it does have a real ending, not a cliff hanger…)

There are sequel books coming and I hope you’ll buy them.  So if you read this one and like it I should do well.  I also have a couple of novels in other series I’m working on and if this works to raise the number of people who are interested in my writing I’ll put them up the same way.

So, let me summarize.

  •   *   *   *   *

The bottom line for those of you who skipped to the bottom

Beginning next week, August 7th I will put up the first tenth of my novel, Hayden’s War.  Each week another tenth of the book will be added in a new blog post.  After the whole novel has been posted it will be left up for an additional two weeks to allow people who found it late to read it.  On October 31st. it will be taken down and the only way you can get it is to go to Amazon and buy it.

I’ll have more information about the giveaway later this week – there are a couple more related events going on so people don’t get bored.

Happy reading!  And please remember to share this with your friends on social media!

Haydens War cover





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