Scythe of Chronos (The Stormclock Series) (Volume 1)

Just in time for my birthday, “Scythe of Chronos” my second novel, has been published on Amazon!

It is also available through all the usual bookstores (if you order it). Sorry, I’m not popular enough yet that it appears on the shelves at the front entrance. However, if lots and lots of you buy it and you tell all your friends it is great then “Good Things” ™ might happen!

Actually I was very happy to get this one finished and out the door since:
1. I like steampunk
2. I look forward to the feedback before I start on the sequel, and
3. I have a third book (fantasy) right behind it!

So, use the link above to hop right over and grab a copy. You can make me rich and famous — or at least help pay my Internet bill.

David Dougher – author, ballroom dance instructor, computer consultant, game designer, and odd fellow.
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