Oh yes, there is a Mystery/Thriller coming. It’s a wonderful tale of vicious revenge and the slow steps to try and find the killer. I’m teaming up for my first collaborative effort and it is proving to be a lot of fun.

I don’t want to say too much here, (most of the work is in the brainstorming phase now) but I will say that it is going to be a far different ride than a Sherlock Holmes tale! I do love those types of characters as well and I do have a chracter in my steampunk books who really fits the bill. But, this is not that kind of story, not those kind of characters, and nobody is going to say “Elementary” anyplace in the story. I promise.

(ps. For those who are true Sherlock fans – I do know he never said that in the books… It was just Hollywood getting it’s two cents in. For me, above, it’s just to make a point.)

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