Seems odd to say, but we won’t see this day again for four years.   Somehow feels like I should do something momentous.  Actually, I went to a dive bar for breakfast, and had a great time.  I’ll be doing a write up on the place after a second visit.

I’ve completed my Patreon site.  There’s a link at the bottom of the page.  Constructive feedback is welcome.

I tried my first piece of “flash fiction” yesterday.  I went a bit over the limit on word count.  It’s supposed to be about 1000 words and I was closer to 1500.  But, it was a fun story and I finished it in just a couple hours.  I’m going to try and do more of them every week.  It stretches the creative juices a bit.  You can read the story – it’s just below this article on my blog site.  It also posted to my Facebook feed.  Not sure how that happened, but it’s ok.

Moving forward I’ve got a few more pages to go for my book on the techniques I use to write my novels.  It was fun to write and actually helped formalize some parts of the process.

Speaking of novels, work is progressing on my murder mystery and the sequel to Hayden’s War.  I expect to push ahead with both of those projects this month.

There has also been some interest in my book on productivity from a number of individuals.  Trying to work on four books at once would be an interesting challenge to see how well my new techniques work when multiple projects and tasks are involved.  Kind of a make or break on the system itself.

Challenge accepted!  Let’s see how it goes.  I’ll be posting progress weekly so you can see how I do.

I’m off to review the requirements for all four books and to see what other tasks I have lined up for the next few weeks.

I will also have a special announcement tomorrow for all of you who happen to get any of my posts or emails.  My apologies to those who will get multiple copies, but this one is big and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to participate.
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