Just a brief note to those who are following along on my progress…

Main focus for writing this week is on the sequel to Hayden’s War.  Last week I finished up the major scenes outline and notes on where I wanted things to go.  This week the villains took center stage in my writing.  I finished off about eleven chapters of their machinations.

Since the book is projected to be about 45 chapters that wasn’t too bad a start.  As I ramp up I expect that things will get much more interesting.  I like the general direction but I’m finding too much is coming out in third person and not enough in first where I like it.  It will be fixed in the rewrite.  For now just getting it out.

I like the backgrounds and “color” and complexity of this story.  The story action is more involved than in the first book.  I think younger readers will be surprised a bit about how the teens earlier success is now turning against them.

The fight is definitely not over.

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