Writing – Progress

Just a brief note to those who are following along on my writing progress…

The draft of the first sequel to Hayden’s War is done.  Ben’s War will focus on the events following the alien’s surrender.  The story which began with the discovery of a new computer game is far from over.  The consequences of the alien’s defeat will have far-reaching implications for our planet.  On the mundane side of things, the cover art is being worked on and reformatting for electronic media as well as paper is underway.   And I’m happy to say my early readers like it.

On the non-fiction front, I have been gathering even more material for my non-fiction title.  That book is rather open-ended as to length.  When I have finished what I need to say – it’s done.  The hard part is weeding out what needs to be said to build a coherent view from all the extra things I want to add – just because they are interesting, cool, and supportive of the main ideas.  However, I’ve already written a three-volume encyclopedia before.  I don’t need to do another one.  But I am thinking that I would like to share a lot of the extra content that got winnowed out in these blog pages.  So look for a semi-regular column on Productivity in the months ahead.

I have mentioned in the past that I was also working on a murder mystery as a joint project with a friend.  That project has been moving very slowly due to family and job issues.  However, no good book stays down forever and I expect that this one will be rising to the surface once again as Ben’s War wraps up.

And that’s the writing wrap up for now.


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