Well despite having a wonderful holiday break I’ve managed to get the sequel to Hayden’s War to slightly past the halfway point in the first draft.  All of the remaining chapters are outlined and I have some additional notes on characters and some ideas for a few more twists and turns.

I have also been working on a number of other important projects so my time is not exclusively devoted to getting this one item done.  However, I am hoping to finish the first draft before the NanoWriMo Summer Camp so I can use the camp to work on a different writing project.  I’ll want to be away from this sequel for at least two weeks in order to approach the first edit with a clear head.

The story is going pretty much the way I expected it.  The bad guys are a bit colder and meaner than I had foreseen and I think I might add a bit more to the next part of the game, but this is definitely going to raise the eyebrows of a few readers of the first book.

And that, I hope, is a good thing.

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