Well, it’s been a while since I have posted anything about what I have been doing. Actually, I’ve been doing quite a lot. Editing on two novels, revising my dance classes, working on getting into better physical shape, various business deals, and helping with the care of aging mother.

I’ve also taken a sideline job reviewing books for the Online Book Club (onlinebookclub.org). It’s been a very useful job in helping me to see what it is I like and dislike about my own writing. Not to mention the fact that it is helping me with two of my weak points – trite phrases and grammar. But editing and reviewing other people’s work just isn’t writing. And I find myself growing more and more irritable when I don’t actually put new words on a page.

So, I’m going to do another Nanowrimo Summer Camp. I’ve been doing them for several years now, and while I did skip the regular November 2016 Nanowrimo (writing a new novel when you are trying to edit two others seemed a bit over the top.) I have a writing project in mind that I have put off for several years while I did the research and ran some tests. This seems like the perfect time to get it off my plate.

The plan is simple, for this month I am going to be doing a series of essays. I’m going to focus on topics I know people want current information on – Health, Fitness, Productivity and Happiness. Sort of a brain dump on all the research I’ve been doing for the past seven years. Each essay will be a standalone piece and when they are all finished, I’m hoping to tie them together into a single book that can be used as a general guide and maybe even a course people can follow.

Each essay will appear on my website on the In the Pipeline section so it can easily be found. When the next essay is done the previous one will move to the Productivity Tips section. where people can continue to comment on it. When the essay series is finished and Nanowrimo Summer Camp is ended I’ll pull them all off and create an initial draft of the book. Then I’ll go through all the criticism and suggestions and polish it up into a book and a course. I hope that by the end of the camp the feedback will provide constructive material I can use to improve the final book and course.

Who knows? It might even draw an audience.

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