April 1, 2020

Welcome! I have decided to turn over a weekly blog column to my good friend and mentor, Dr. S. A. R. Casm. A devotee of all things going wrong. He and his old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, will explore how to make you an Epic Failure in all the important parts of your life.

After suitable begging, he has assured me that will devote his first article to that most essential of all failures, messing up your life by failing to get enough sleep!

But, there’s more! Here you will finally have time to learn how to turn your life into an “Epic Failure.” Topics will include how to ruin your health, your career, your relationships, and more!

So, be sure and let all your friends know that this is the place to send everyone you know who is annoyingly obsessed with health, productivity, time management, and general self-improvement.

So, don’t just mess up, join us beginning in April and learn to become and Epic Failure

And for those of you who might lean in the other direction, check out my other new column – Counterpoint! Here I will discuss how you can actually improve all of those things discussed in Epic Fail. Counterpoint will generally come out within a few days of a new episode of Epic Fail and will include sources that you can read or listen to to actually improve your life. Who knows? Maybe you can become an Epic Success?

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