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A complete listing of all the books I have written or been involved with

From Ash and Ruin

Time has passed since the dark events of the Withered Hand Saga. Memories fade and tales grow in the telling. But one man remembers events as they actually were, and […]

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Scythe of Chronos

A glorious steampunk romp set in our 2015 and the events in an alternate reality of 1914! Spies, time travel, Victorian steampunk, and modern medicine collide around one of the […]

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Hayden’s War

A YA sci-fi novel set in Massachusetts. Hayden Vance is a young computer gamer who stumbles upon the game of a lifetime – or is it a game?

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Newfound Writers Vol. 4 – Valley of Ice

This is a collection of poems and short pieces by the writers of Newfound Lake where I was visiting when I wrote a short poem in memory of my wife. […]

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Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus

Created a three-volume reference series for the 3D Genesis Game Engine found on the disk in the book. Both the book and the game engine are sadly outdated now. But […]

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Tales of Isgalduin

A collection of short stories about the fictional world of Isgalduin. The collection contains three short stories by me. Stories include, “Garou“, “Rules of the Game“, and “Tale of the […]

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