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Monday – In the Pipeline

Seems odd to say, but we won’t see this day again for four years.   Somehow feels like I should do something momentous.  Actually, I went to a dive bar for breakfast, and had a great time.  I’ll be doing a write up on the place after a second visit.

I’ve completed my Patreon site.  There’s a link at the bottom of the page.  Constructive feedback is welcome.

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Steampunk Novel Content Editing is Finally Finished

This had been a particularly long haul and I have learned a great deal in doing it.  The content editing is finally finished.  Tomorrow I will create a printout of the entire work and begin the rewrite to polish it up.  Copies will finally go to my reviewers for their feedback, and I will loose the artists to come up with cover art and possibly a few illustrations.

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