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Latest Novel hits the bookshelves!

From Ash and Ruin (Withered Hand Saga) (Volume 1)

My latest novel, From Ash and Ruin, is now available from Amazon! It’s taking a while to reach Barnes and Nobel. I expect that you will be able to obtain it from fine bookstores everywhere (if you order it <grin>).

It is a fantasy novel, complete with elves, dwarves, fire breathing dragons, and an evil sorceror. From Ash and Ruin is Volume 1 of a four part series and is availabe as a paperback or through electronic purchase.

David Dougher – author, ballroom dance instructor, computer consultant, game designer, and odd fellow.
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Three short stories published in Tales of Isgalduin.

Tales of Isgalduin

Collins Publishing has published three of my short stories in the second of their multivolume series on the world of Isgalduin. The book, titled, “Tales of Isgalduin” is available in a paperback version from Barnes and Noble and in both electronic (Kindle) and paperback editions from Amazon.com.

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